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Biking day tours 

* Rates based on triple accommodation

Antisana ecological reserve is home to a wide variety of life zones and is considered one of the ten "hot spots" of the world by being incorporated in the high basin of the river Napo. It lies between the provinces of Pichincha and Napo, with forests the volcano with the same name, a privileged place for the observation of the Andean Condor. Its highest point is the snowcapped volcano summit with 5755msnm. The lower points in the whole reserve are between 3100msnm to 4700msnm meters above sea level. At the top of the “Milacoma” (4.150msnm) hill we reach the so-called Condor viewpoint. From here can be regarded the Antisana, Cotopaxi, and a part of the volcano Cayambe (depending on climate).
This tour goes to a height of 4,150m. It is important that you are prepared for this kind of altitude. We recommend acclimatizing at least two days around 3,000m.

Volcano Cayambe is the 3rd highest volcano in Ecuador (5790m´ high). It is located in the Cayambe - Coca Ecological Reserve in the Cordillera Oriental of the Andes, 70´ north-east of Quito. At the altitude of 4,690m on its south slope, is the highest point in the world crossed by the Equator and the only point on the Equator with snow cover. From the Cayambe you can see the landscape of the northern hills of Quito and surrounding cities.
This tour goes to a height of 5000m. It is important that you are prepared for this kind of altitude. We recommend acclimatizing at least two days around 3,000m.

This exciting one day mountain bike tour is designed to provide a unique experience of the Andes. The tour begins with an enjoyable drive to “La Virgen” viewpoint, which is situated on the famous Illinizas North Volcano. These offer nice views of both, the Illinizas and Cotopaxi volcanoes and surrounding countryside. From here we begin our first downhill descent into the small town of El Chaupi. We continue via 4 - wheel drive for an hour of off-road adventure. After a small hike we reach our lunch destination at the Milagro Hot-springs and waterfall. This is a picture perfect and natural way to relax the mind and muscles before continuing on the final exhilarating downhill descent of the day towards Pastocalle.
This tour will go up to a height of 4050m’. It is important that you are prepared for this kind of altitude, we recommend acclimatizing at least two days around 3000m.

Ecuador offers a great diversity of routes for the mountain bike enthusiast, turning into a great destiny for adventures. The Nono – Mindo trail is very popular for both bird lovers and for adventurous types, since it combines both of these in one program. We’ll descend from a wonderful cloud forest through the enormous Tandayapa canyon, leaving behind the beautiful Pichincha. The tour itself starts Nono where we will challenge your suspension as we encounter a cobblestone road. After that, enjoy 25km of downhill biking to give you enough strength for the next 10km ascent at Bellavista. At some moments it seems to be a never - ending road, but you won’t have to worry since we’ll have a vehicle behind you just in case you get a bit tired!. After working hard to reach the final slope you’ll have the last descent arriving at the Calacali Road – La Independencia where we will go for 1.5km until we reach Mindo.

This biking tour begins in Laguna Quilotoa – an amazing emerald lagoon inside a volcano crater at the height of 3,800m, displays a beautiful view of the Andean mountains, passing the ancient canyon of Zumbahua and many indigenous towns and farmlands. The tour includes an exciting drive around the lagoon and all the small communities around this area. In this tour, you and your bike will explore amazing indigenous community roads.
It is important that you are well prepared for 3800m`, so we recommend acclimatizing at least one day around 3000m’.

 Important: Departure time can change depending on weather and mountain conditions. Please reconfirm every night with your agent.


Necessary Equipment:

  • - Warm clothing (including a change of clothes)
  • - Gloves, Scarf, Hat
  • - Sunglasses
  • - Water
  • - Hiking shoes/boats
  • - Camera
  • - Cotton pants
  • - Long socks
  • - Sun cream
  • - Snacks
  • - Waterproof jacket
  • - Binoculars

*Rates subject to change with no previous notice

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