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Climbing tours 

* Rates based on triple accommodation

Antisana is an impressive and beautiful 5755m´ high volcano and it’s the 4th highest volcano in Ecuador. The Antisana volcano is located in the Antisana Ecological Reserve along the western margin of the Cordillera Real, 50km´ south east of Quito. The Mountain has 4 peaks and massive ice forms. Therefore, reaching the top is a unique opportunity to enjoy one of the important volcanoes in the Andean Mountains.
The climb itself is considered very technical, and requires knowledge and experience in mountain climbing; however the landscape in sunrise is incredible with the reflection of the mountain in the surrounding lagoons inside the reserve, and the other surrounding volcanoes such as the Cotopaxi, Illinizas, Chimborazo etc.

Volcano Cayambe is the 3rd highest volcano in Ecuador (5790m´ high). It is located in the Cayambe - Coca Ecological Reserve in the Cordillera Oriental of the Andes, 70´ north-east of Quito. At the altitude of 4,690m on its south slope, is the highest point in the world crossed by the Equator and the only point on the Equator with snow cover.
Reaching the top may be very technical, and requires knowledge and mountaineering experience, however, the effort of climbing through the immense glacier and its massive ice, will arrive by sunrise, as the landscape of the northern hills of Quito and surrounding cities and lagoons such as Lago San Pablo and Laguna Cuicocha are discovered from the summit.

Chimborazo is the highest mountain in the country and the northern Andes, with an elevation of 6,310m. Chimborazo is located in the cordillera occidental of the Andes of central Ecuador, 150km (93 miles) southwest of the capital Quito. Chimborazo's majestic summit rises 2,500 m above the surrounding highlands (3,500 to 4,000m) with a 20km wide base. The timetable is similar to the Cotopaxi tour but involves a longer climb of approximately 11 hours, which takes around 7-9 hours to the summit and 2-3 down, and includes a glacier training session, dinner, and a night at the refuge (4,800m). The climb is a real challenge and offers climbers the opportunity to break the magical 6,000m barrier.

Only 10 kilometers of distance separate Quito from the complex of the Pichinchas Volcanoes. A touching route will let you visit to each one of them.
You will only listen the guide's voice with the most precise indications: "Don't look down, take short steps and grip thigh to the rocks". We feel every muscle of our body while we walk trough this strait path that has as bottom an abyss with more than 100 meters of sharp rocks. Once in the other side, the guide receives me, he gives me a clap in the back and it congratulates me to have passed the famous step of the death in the route toward the Ruco Pichincha.

Important: Departure time can change depending on weather and mountain conditions. Please reconfirm every night with your agent.

Special climbing equipment included in both packages:

  • - polar pants
  • - plastic climbing boots
  • - gaiters
  • - polar jacket
  • - crampons
  • - outside gloves
  • - waterproof pants/jacket
  • - climbing harness
  • - ice axe

*Rates subject to change with no previous notice

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